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Our Signature Blunts, Reserved for Connoisseurs: Only at Green Hippo

Presenting our luxurious 2 ½ grams proprietary blends that have been cultivated to cater to the sophisticated consumer. Each blend is always packed appropriately to make sure that it has the same quality and experience when taken in the form of shisha. The mouthpiece is made of glass, giving the look and feel of true elegance and purity to the vaporizers, making the draw smoother and enhancing the flavor.

Our blends are infused with hash oil for an added layer of richness and topped off with kief to provide a kick and a more refined presentation. This is luxury unrolled, providing you with an endearing and unique sensation in every pull. Turn up the heat for the connoisseurs with our superior quality blends that are crafted exclusively for those who appreciate luxury. Visit our online dispensary to experience the epitome of sophistication in every puff.


Welcome to the next level of your mindful healing. This premium cannabis for nausea is meticulously cultivated to deliver an unparalleled experience, combining the best of both worlds: a warm, calm, and energized experience for the body and mind.

Blue Dream Sativa is one of the best blends because it has a balanced impact on a user’s body and mind, making it ideal for those who want to attain a higher level of health and wellness. When using this liquid marijuana, you can expect to be creative, spirited, happy, or just relaxed after a tough day’s work. The sweet berry fragrance, in combination with the homogeneous medium taste and medium intensity, increases the overall enjoyment factor during and after smoking.

We produce at Green Hippo with utmost care and attention to detail, so every batch is as good as the next. At our weeds store, it is not merely about going out to get stoned; it is about feeling the very best you can be and loving every moment of it. It is relaxing and invigorating at the same time, making it perfect for daytime use due to the focus and motivation it brings.

Take your cannabis for nausea experience to the next level with our new strain, Blue Dream Sativa, and find the balance you never thought possible. Enjoy better health and leave this phenomenal drug to steer you to a more fulfilling and joyful existence.


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